What is a CyMark?
A bookmark that you can create to link to your favorite websites.

How can I personalize a CyMark?
Personalize each CyMark that you create by adding descriptions, tags, and custom icons. These custom icons are called CyCons.
What is a CyCon?
A CyCon is a customized icon that can be used for displaying CyMarks.

Why do I need to add Tags to a CyMark/CyFolder?
Tags can be used to search for CyMarks/CyFolders.

When should I choose the Protect setting? What does it do?
When you choose to Protect a CyMark/CyFolder, it will ask for your password when you click on it. This adds an additional layer of protection and privacy.

I see a Schedule button/setting when creating a CyMark/CyFolder, what does it do?
You can use the Schedule button/setting to set a CyMark/CyFolder to be displayed on certain times and/or days only. It is only during those times that you can access the CyMark/CyFolder (overwrite option). If you use the Schedule setting, then the CyMark/CyFolder will be displayed as a grey CyCon during inactive times. The default setting is Always - i.e., displayed always.

I scheduled a CyMark/CyFolder to be displayed at certain times, but now I need to access it outside of the scheduled time, can I do it? How?
Yes, by overwriting.

Why would I want to schedule a CyMark/CyFolder to be displayed only at certain times instead of the default Always setting?
It can be a time management tool.